At Rollex, we pride ourselves on our extensive engineering experience in rollforming design. Every new piece of machinery is backed up by a continuously refined methodology that ensures a high level of quality is maintained from concept to realisation. It is this very precise and particular engineering approach that has allowed us to achieve high-quality machinery solutions that perform better than more expensive and more complicated rollforming lines.

Innovative Design

We carry out comprehensive analyses to ensure machine components are designed having taken into account all the necessary considerations. With over 40 years of collective experience in CAD modelling, we are adequately equipped to completely draft any new project from scratch. New innovations also make up an important part of our design philosophy and are constantly being developed to improve the rollforming process.

Manufacturing Precision

Our tooling is manufactured from the best bearing and tool steels (AISI grade E52100 / DIN grade 100Cr6 and AISI grade D2 / DIN grade X155CrVMo 12 1). All rolls are machined to low tolerances and subjected to heat treatments for an extra long working life. All equipment in a Rollex rollforming system is built to last and guarantees years of carefree operation. Each component is suitably finished to meet functional and aesthetic requirements.

Complete Control

Rollex rollforming lines are designed to leave to the machine operator only the tasks of supervising and starting and stopping the production run. The Programmable Logic Control (PLC), in combination with numerous sensors and frequency inverters, regulates the power drive and feed rate of material from the coil. The easy-to-use touch screen HMI software is custom programmed for each customer based on their production needs.


Flower Diagram

45° Cutting Mould

Chrome Coated Rolls

Powder Coating Finish (Hammer Texture)

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Electrical Box

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