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Machines « Rollex Rollforming

If you are looking for a practical and reliable solution to your rollforming needs, then look no further than Rollex Rollforming. Our custom-designed rollforming lines achieve accurate and efficient production of a wide range of cold-rolled profiles, from light building materials to structural sections and special applications.

Based on your specific requirements, our team will design and build the complete package, including decoiler, rollforming machine, roll tools, cutting tools, presses and other equipment. The result is functional, durable and productive machinery that will provide many years of uninterrupted service.

For more information on some of our standard designs, choose a link from the menu on the right. Alternatively, send us a drawing of your profile and we will quote the project as soon as possible.



Rollformer Types

Our rollforming machines are built on high-quality, welded frames, with removable panels and safety guards. We offer four types of rollformers:

  • Fixed – custom-designed for the production of one specific profile. All processes and equipment in the design are optimised for the production of that profile. This type of machine delivers excellent performance and efficiency in a simple and compact package that is easy to operate and requires minimal adjustment and maintenance.
  • Adjustable – can be adjusted to produce more than one profile or different sizes of the same profile. This type 0f machine is very useful where multiple similar profiles are used for the same application or where various sizes of the same profile are used. Adjustments can be made manually or automatically through the HMI.
  • Dual – two parallel fixed rollforming lines on the one machine. This type of machine can be an economical solution for two profiles, especially if floor space is limited.
  • Cartridge System – interchangeable tooling that allows quick changeover between many different profiles of varying size and shape. This system greatly reduces downtime where profile changeovers are necessary.




Depending on coil weight and application,  decoilers can be mechanical or motorised.

  • Mechanical – light applications, where the rollformer drive can uncoil the material by itself.
  • Motorised – geared electric motor with frequency inverter and proximity sensors allow machine-controlled feed regulation. The decoiler constantly follows the speed of the rollformer, even where frequent stopping and starting is necessary.



Additional Processes

Depending on the type of profile, our machines may also include: 

  • Pre-cutting or post-cutting stations
  • Levelling or straightening
  • Punching
  • Knurling or embossing
  • Swaging
  • Stacking systems




  • PLC (programmable logic controller).
  • User-friendly HMI (human-machine interface).
  • Programmable production runs with customisable lengths and batches.
  • Frequency inverter controls variable speed regulation, acceleration and deceleration. 



All of our machinery comes with operation manuals, wiring diagrams and free technical support.