Rollformer Dimensions: approximately 2000mm x 500mm

Main Drive: geared electric motor 415V 4.5kW, chain drive, frequency inverter control.

No. of Roll Stations: 6

Shaft Diameter: 40mm

Roll Tools: AISI grade E52100 / DIN grade 100Cr6, through hardened, precision machining of hardened surface, chrome coated.

Decoiler: mechanical or motorised.

Cutting Tools: Stationary post cut. Hydraulic pump (415V, 2.2kW). Machine is fully automatic with no operator assistance for a sub-bundle of 50.

Production Speed: 18m/min

Production Capacity: 900 linear metres per hour


  • Fixed, adjustable, dual or cartridge type rollformers, depending on types and sizes of profiles.
  • Thicknesses: up to 1.2mm.
  • Heights: 15mm – 120mm.

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